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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 8: Denizen!

I love indie horror films. I think they embody the spirit of indie film making. The people behind these movies have a real love of cinema. And that enthusiasm comes through even when other aspects get a little rough.

We have so many horror classics that come from outside the studio system. There’s Roger Corman’s work; everything from Little Shop of Horrors to the Poe series. We owe one of the biggest genres in horror, the modern zombie flick to George Romero and Night of the Living Dead. The other big trend in horror, found footage, was begun by Blair Witch Project.

I have several friends who have written or produced indie horror flicks. My brother in Columbus has crewed on about a dozen of them. I’m twitter buddies with several indie horror producers including Travis Legge and the producers of today’s installment @BLOODFAREmovie. That’s the twitter handle for J. A. Steel and the fine folks at Warrior Entertainment.

Today’s offering is their monster movie Denizen. Here’s the trailer.

I really like how they include things you don’t normally see in indie horror flicks. They’ve got excellent jet fighter and skydiving footage. They have real underwater footage. You rarely see that stuff in studio produced movies anymore. On an Asylum picture, the super piranha bites through the hull of the submarine and they cut to a scene of Debbie Gibson getting sprayed with a garden hose. The folks at Warrior actually bother to suit up and take a camera into the deep. I’d love to see what they could do with an Asylum budget or a real studio one!

Next up! Mansions of Madness

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