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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Congrats Jamie Nash and Two Front Teeth!

I met Jamie Nash years ago at the Austin Film Festival when we were both semi-finalists in the screenplay competition; me in the teleplay drama category for my Buffy script “Blood Work” and Jamie in the comedy features category for “All’s Faire.” We stayed in touch for a few years after that and I got a chance to read his Santa is a vampire epic “Two Front Teeth.” A while ago Jamie produced TFT on a micro budget. This year it got reviewed by Obscurus Lupa on That Guy with the Glasses. Lupa normally tears low budget horror and action films to pieces but this is one of the rare examples of her genuinely loving the film. Here’s her review.

UPDATE! The embed code doesn't seem to be working so here's the link to the review site.

Even in the film’s she’s liked, I’ve never seen her just struck speechless so many times. Even I’m blown away and I knew what to expect! Reading this back then, I could tell that this story would be awesome and that’s exactly what this film is. It’s a perfect example that a lack of budget is no excuse for a lack of imagination or effort.

I’m very happy for Jamie. That Guy gets a ton of traffic. Hopefully this will lead to new cult Christmas movie status for TFT. Check it out!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Scariest Version of A Christmas Carol Ever!!!

As I stated earlier Christmas as we know it began with a ghost story. And this cartoon produced by Chuck Jones is by far the creepiest version yet. It really gets the chills going. Check out Marley's literally jaw dropping entrance! That scene (which was in the Dickens original) may be why you can only catch this on Youtube. Well all the better to share with people! So drink your eggnog and watch out for ghosts with lower mandible problems!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 21: My Frankenstein and From Russia with Blood!

It’s Christmas Eve. You’ve gotten gifts for everyone on your list but you forgot someone! And he/she is a paranormal fan!

Don’t worry I got you covered. Just head up to the links on the top of this blog and pick out either My Frankenstein or From Russia with Blood! eBooks are instant so this is for last, last, last second shopping.

Yes we live in an age where you can buy gifts at 11:59 on Christmas Eve. Just don’t make a habit out of it.

That concludes the first ever Horror Geek’s Gift Guide. Hope you were all able to get that special ghoul in your life something creepy and memorable. Until Next year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 20: Horror Masters!

You’re really cutting it close this year! Time’s a wasting. Better get to the nearest Barnes and Noble or better yet, you’re local specialty bookseller. Hopefully there’s one in your neighborhood who knows the joy of a good scare. Look for some of these frightful authors.

Ramsey Campbell is one of the best regarded horror writers in the genre. This man has created several terrifying novels with titles like The Doll Who Ate His Mother and The Face That Must Die. Seriously how come those haven’t been adapted into movies? The titles alone are worth checking out.

Jack Ketchum has had very good luck getting his work adapted. The Girl Next Door was made into a movie starring William Atherton of Ghostbusters and Sugarland Express. Red was made with the incredible Brian Cox. Ketchum’s work blurs the line between crime, suspense and horror. Then there’s The Woman which is pure horror also based on a Ketchum book.

There was a time back when Robert McCammon was as ubiquitous as Stephen King or Dean Koontz. He’s still very popular. His writing has a lyrical quality to it that I really enjoy. I discovered him years ago in a collection called Halloween Horrors (not to cause any holiday confusion!) His writing blew me away.

Richard Laymon’s are quick, nasty thrill rides and few people do them better. Laymon goes to some extremes but he never seems excessive. His stories really leave a mark. If you can get the books with the extra lurid covers. Laymon is a writer whose work lives up to the pulp imagery.

Next up: My Frankenstein and From Russia with Blood!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 19: Found Footage!

The newest genre in horror is the found footage film. This is a very hard picture to do right but when it is done well it can be awesome. It’s experienced its ups and downs. Here are some that might be worth a look.

Blair Witch Project started the whole genre. The best thing about this film is that it slaughtered the ungodly remake of The Haunting. It quickly became fashionable to bash this film but on its own terms it was very successful.

Paranormal Activity is by far the most successful found footage franchise. Not only are the movies themselves well done and very creepy, it is the first ever successful prequel franchise. Each successive movie has gone backwards chronologically. It takes the prime question of the first movie, why this particular couple, and by the third film gives the audience a frightening answer.

I’m a huge fan of Last Exorcism. This one had a truly good main character. A traveling exorcist whose faith has long ago eroded confronts what may or may not be true evil.

Apollo 18 is not a good movie but it can be a good movie to make fun of, that is if you can overlook a waste of a perfect premise. I sometimes think you can learn more from a bad movie than you can from a good one. Bad movies teach you want NOT to do and that’s something a lot of filmmakers need to learn.

Next up: Horror Masters!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 18: Hammer Time!

I am a Hammer addict. I love everything about the Hammer films. I love the story behind the studio, how a tiny low budget operation in Britain took a chance on tackling some classic material and changed the face of the horror genre in the late ‘50s through the ‘70s. And I love the films. They have a style to them all their own. Here are some of my favorites.

Brides of Dracula is one of the most extreme vampire movies Hammer ever made. No Christopher Lee in this one but Peter Cushing has one of his most energetic performances as Van Helsing. The finale battle is a wow!

Curse of the Werewolf is one of the definitive lycan stories. Oliver Reed’s poor character is trapped from birth, saddled with a curse he doesn’t want and can’t control. This is one of those strange horror films that many are aware of without having seen the picture. Reed’s werewolf make-up is almost as iconic as Lon Chaney’s.

Plague of Zombies is Hammer’s entry into the walking undead genre. It’s not as relentlessly terrifying as the movies that would follow but it does boast and incredible nightmare sequence.

I have to admit to taking a lot from the Hammer Frankenstein films in creating My Frankenstein. And Revenge of Frankenstein is exerting a real influence as I write the sequel. Revenge is one of the most unexpected Hammer films. It does not go where you think it’s going to go. It takes a very different route but the ending is nonetheless stunning.

Next up: Found Footage!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 17: All Things Zombie!

Of course I’m going to talk zombies!

AMC’s The Walking Dead quickly became one of cable’s biggest hits. It’s legions of fans are praying recent studio problems don’t derail the series. In retrospect it’s amazing it took them this long to make a zombie TV series.

It’s equally amazing that it took them so long to create a zombie comic book series. Most people know Walking Dead started out as a hugely popular and critically acclaimed comic book. The stark black and white drawings just add to the chilling story.

Walking Dead a little too intense for you? Then how about Shaun of the Dead? This is a near perfect comedy horror film. There are very few of those around worth mentioning. This one works equally well as a horror film and as comedy.

In terms of zombie movies you have a lot of options. If I had to pick one title it would be Dawn of the Dead. Why, because I’m cheating that’s why. You’re basically getting three movies when you pick this title. First there’s the Romero original, maybe his best work. Then there’s the remake done by Zack Snyder before he put slo-mo on everything. Some people don’t know this but Dario Argento edited a version of Romero’s original film for European release. My brother swears it’s one of the best zombie flicks ever!

My brother’s not a fan of the Fulci zombie films but when you use the word “zombie” you can’t talk about the genre without bringing up the Italian master.

Next up: Hammer Time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 16: All Things Vampire!

If you’re buying a gift for a vampire fan this year you are in luck because vampires are everywhere.

First there’s the most famous vamp franchise on earth at this moment, Twilight. If you want Twilight merchandise it’s as easy to find as Garfield merchandise was back in the ‘90s. There are the books, the movies, the action figures. But if you want something a little out of the ordinary check out Esty for several handmade products.

Twilight opened the door for so many things vampire, most prominently True Blood. Based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, True Blood delivers a hot blooded thrill ride and has inspired some truly off beat products like this Blood Energy Drink.

Mmmm. salty

And don’t forget about The Vampire Diaries. The CW proves it can’t exist without a whole bunch of supernatural teen angst dramas on its slate. Vampire Diaries has been garnering great reviews. The success of these three franchises is very encouraging for other paranormal series.

I’ve already talked about Buffy but Angel is a series that every vampire fan should see. Joss Whedon second series was every bit as brilliant as his first. Who else would turn their heartthrob lead character into a Muppet?

And any true vampire fan should really own at least one version of Dracula.

There’s 1932 classic with Bela Lugosi

The 1958 film with the immortal Christopher Lee.

The Gary Oldman/Francis Ford Coppola film among many others.

Next up: All Things Zombie!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 15: A Touch of Evil!

My final board game on this guide for the horror geek is another Flying Frog Production A Touch of Evil. A Touch of Evil is a lot like Arkham Horror in that the players team up to take down the evil master who is terrorizing the town. The game is set in the 19th century though when exactly is a little unclear. It mostly looks like the Regency period. Just as a horror/history buff that’s an interesting decision. This game strives to put you in the middle of a classic horror movie. But most of the classic horror film series (Universal and Hammer) were set in the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

But this setting works with Flying Frog’s main strength and innovation, that of using photos of live models for their artwork. The frilly costumes of 1800-1830 really do stand out. Victorians tended to be much more buttoned down.

Here’s a review by Board to Death. And another one by the Gamer’s Table. And here’s a video from Flying Frog Productions featuring one of their models.

Next up: All Things Vampire!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 14: Plushy Zombie!

Some things need no explanation. I mean really what else do you need to know? It’s a plush zombie that you can dismember! How is this not the coolest thing next to that cute plush cthulhu?

This come courtesy of those crazy kids at Think Geek. I wish I found this page early. My brother would have loved this. Oh, well I guess he’ll have to be happy with that bottle of Suntory.

Next up: A Touch of Evil

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 13: Last Night on Earth!

Back to board games. Once a gamer, always a gamer I suppose. Flying Frog is relatively a new kid on the gamer block. They’re cheaper than Fantasy Flight for the most part. Last Night on Earth is their zombie apocalypse game.

The game has several neat elements; interchangeable board tiles for multiple set ups, mission cards, plastic miniatures. Flying Frog’s signature innovation is to use photographs of live models for their character and event cards as opposed to artwork. This gives the game the look and feel of an indie zombie flick which is really appropriate for the setting.

Here is the review from the Gamer’s Table.

Next up: Plushy Zombie!

Spotlight on an Awesome Blog Site

My Twitter pal Roxie Hanna graciously did a Spotlight piece on me and my work on her blog. It was a great interview and it gave me a chance to spell out the philosophy behind both Golden Age of Geek and here at Dark Age of Geek. Here's her introduction.
Michael Lee, aka Golden Age of Geek on Twitter, shares his love of writing through his interests in Sci-Fi, football, and food. He believes a storyteller’s imagination is fueled by passion. Here he discusses his writing inspirations including his favorite band Depeche Mode.
I like Depeche Mode but the music geek I'm referring to is a friend of my brother's. It's a funny story I recount in the comments section. David Gahan Is Not Dead would be a great name for a music geek's blog site methinks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Horror Geek’s Gift Guide Part 12: Creepy and Offbeat Christmas Movies

Christmas as we know it started with a ghost story. Maybe not exactly. But nearly everything we associate with Christmas comes from Victorian England, specifically Prince Albert. The new traditions got a big boost from Dickens and his seminal tale of redemption…and terror!

In my opinion the best versions are the ones that keep the scary elements. The best by far is the 1951 version with Alistair Sim.

Christmas Carol – 1951

Here’s a rare Youtube treat, an early television version narrated by Vincent Price.

Christmas Carol Read by Vincent Price!

Then there’s my personal favorite, the musical version with Albert Finney.

Scrooge 1970

Christmas has been the time for scary ghost stories. In the ‘70s that produced some classics like Bob Clark’s Black Christmas. Can you believe Clark did this, Porky’s AND A Christmas Story? Please avoid the remake like the plague though.

Black Christmas

Silent Night Deadly Night was panned by the critics at the time but has become a slasher classic.

Silent Night Deadly Night

Christmas Evil took the killer Santa idea in a strange quirky direction.

Christmas Evil Clip

Recently the scary Christmas tale has come back a little bit with movies like Rare Exports

Christmas has also been a time for action and suspense. Take the Canadian film Silent Partner.

Silent Partner

But things really got rolling with Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

And then there’s perhaps THE action adventure movie Die Hard and its first sequel. In my opinion this series was never same after ditching the holiday setting.

Die Hard Die Hard 2

Okay you’re seen Scrooge, your in-laws want a Christmas themed movie but don’t want any slashers, monsters or shoot ‘em ups? Well how about pulling out The Lion in Winter? Yeah it’s hardly creepy except for the opening. The theme sounds like the Omen.

The Lion in Winter

Next up: Last night on Earth!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 11: Zombies!!!

Continuing with my guide for that special horror or paranormal fan in your life (besides a copy of My Frankenstein or From Russia with Blood that is) we come to Zombies!!! Now Zombies!!! is a mega popular game that is wildly available. You’ll be able to find it at your local bookstore besides Akham Horror and Killer Bunnies. If you’re a into horror and board games you probably already own a set. If you don’t, this is a great time to buy a set.

The rules and components couldn’t be easier as this video explains.

The gameplay is very simple. There’s a huge luck factor so you probably won’t see it on Tom Vasel’s top games any time soon. On the other hand every set up is random so there’s plenty of replay-ability in this game. And this one really does capture the essence of a zombie movie. You are surrounded by hordes of the undead and you simply have to blast your way through them all.

Scary and/or Strange Christmas Movies!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 10: Collectible Horror

Now I’m going to gab about something I know quite a bit about. If you know someone who’s a real fan of horror, especially horror literature, and you have a few bucks to spend you might want to try hunting down these volumes of creepy tales. These were first listed in a 100 Best Horror Books back in the ‘90s. At the time they were near impossible to find. Then ebay came along and I was able to hunt these down myself. Since then they’ve gone through a few reprints and the market has apparently collapsed. Some of these can be found on Amazon for a lot less what I paid for them.

First up is And the Darkness Falls edited by Boris Karloff. This is one of the biggest surprises. It’s a THICK book loaded with stories. And the stories Karloff selected, they’re not what you’d expect. If I told you there was a horror anthology edited by Boris Karloff, you’d probably think this was full of stories for young readers. This book is the exact opposite of that. This is big boy reading here. Karloff made an effort to stretch the definition of a horror story. Most of these stories aren’t what we would call horror stories. The things that happen in them are horrific but they’re not horror stories. They deal with death and loss and fear. There’s even poetry. And there are a lot of these stories with some detailed notes provided by Karloff himself.

The next is The Sleeping and the Dead edited by August Derleth. Derleth was a writer, editor, and personal friend of H.P. Lovecraft. His signature horror collection includes stories from all over. A few stories stick with me. “The Jar” by Ray Bradbury starts out almost like a children’s fable but gets more and more macabre until the shocking ending. “The Postman of Otford” has one of the greatest final lines to a horror story as does “Mr. Lupescu.”

Worse Things Waiting is the collection of works by Manly Wade Wellman. Many of these stories were first published in Weird Stories. Wellman has a clear, modern writing style that’s easy to get into. I especially love how he combined history and horror, something I’m currently playing around with myself. “The Valley Was Still” was made into a Twilight Zone episode but the story is much better. Also check out “Fearful Rock” and “Coven” for some post Civil War frights.

Murgunstrumm and Others collects the work of Hugh B. Cave. Cave was a prolific pulp writer in the ‘30s and ‘40s and if you want to get the true flavor of the era this is the collection to get. The stories can be a little racially insensitive, though not nearly as bad as Lovecraft’s writing. But the stories all take off like a shot. They all typify the propulsive style that made the pulps so entertaining. Cave gives his readers a hot, fast read, 1930s style.

Next up! Zombies!! The board game

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awesome Interview on Scribe's Desk!

Kyra Dawson is a good Twitter pal of mine. She has done a great job on her blog Scrib'es Desk and recently published A Very Scary Christmas, Number 1 on my Horror Geek's Gift Guide. So it was an honor to do an interview with her on her blog site talking about From Russia with Blood and my other projects.
I am a big Michael Lee fan. His last book My Frankenstein was a real treat and now he has a brand new book out called From Russia with Blood. Very catchy and James Bond-esque, I dig the title and think it’s quite clever so of course I can’t wait to read the book. I’m happy to consider Mike a friend, he’s also a member of my writing group Scriborium, he’s a busy guy and one great writer. Lucky for me, Mike agreed to take some time out of his hectic schedule to do an interview with me. Since I’m a writer myself, I am always fascinated with the process of other writers. How do they do that thing we do? How does it all come together for them? I want to know where their inspiration comes from plus a few more things, and so now I share the answers to all these things with you.

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 9: Mansions of Madness!

Continuing with my gift guide for the horror fan, we come to Mansions of Madness. This is another Lovecraft inspired game like Arkham Horror, put out by the same company Fantasy Flight. When I first saw it, I thought it was an expansion for AH, but Mansions of Madness is its own game.

In gamerspeak, Mansions of Madness is the “tactical” game where as Akrham Horror is the “strategic” one. In AH you’re flying all over numerous locations on the map board trying to stop the monstrous elder gods from returning. In Mansions of Madness your goal is the same, you even have the same investigators. But now the horrific happenings are confined to a single location, one of the many mansions of madness.

The board is made up of several interchangeable tiles a lot like Betrayal at House on the Hill so no game board is ever alike. The game comes with a ton of components in particular some really creepy looking monsters.

Like Betrayal at House on the Hill this is a game I would have been all over back in my youth. One of my favorite role playing games from then was Call of Cthulhu and this basically is a board game version of a Call of Cthulhu adventure. In that respect it’s a lot like Fantasy Flight’s Descent which is a board game version of a Dungeons and Dragons session. Instead of writing down a map on a pad of graph paper you have very nice looking board pieces to create your mansion or dungeon. You have excellent miniatures that really give you a sense of dread.

In Call of Cthulhu just seeing a monster can drive you insane. And this game really drives that home with it’s miniatures. You look out a window and see a slug the size of a 1970s Buick. Yeah, I’d go insane all right!

Here's the Miami Dice Review And here’s a little video put together by Fantasy Flight Games themselves

Next time: Collectable Horror Anthologies!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 8: Denizen!

I love indie horror films. I think they embody the spirit of indie film making. The people behind these movies have a real love of cinema. And that enthusiasm comes through even when other aspects get a little rough.

We have so many horror classics that come from outside the studio system. There’s Roger Corman’s work; everything from Little Shop of Horrors to the Poe series. We owe one of the biggest genres in horror, the modern zombie flick to George Romero and Night of the Living Dead. The other big trend in horror, found footage, was begun by Blair Witch Project.

I have several friends who have written or produced indie horror flicks. My brother in Columbus has crewed on about a dozen of them. I’m twitter buddies with several indie horror producers including Travis Legge and the producers of today’s installment @BLOODFAREmovie. That’s the twitter handle for J. A. Steel and the fine folks at Warrior Entertainment.

Today’s offering is their monster movie Denizen. Here’s the trailer.

I really like how they include things you don’t normally see in indie horror flicks. They’ve got excellent jet fighter and skydiving footage. They have real underwater footage. You rarely see that stuff in studio produced movies anymore. On an Asylum picture, the super piranha bites through the hull of the submarine and they cut to a scene of Debbie Gibson getting sprayed with a garden hose. The folks at Warrior actually bother to suit up and take a camera into the deep. I’d love to see what they could do with an Asylum budget or a real studio one!

Next up! Mansions of Madness

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 6: Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is a monster game in every sense of the word. It comes in a big heavy box that contains about a million pieces. It has very intricate rules. This has combined to put a few people off in the gaming community.

But obviously not enough because this is monster game in that it is monstrously successful. Fantasy Flight has put at least 10 expansions to the basic game. When you consider that each expansion has multiple boss monsters to fight, that means Fantasy Flight has put as many Cthulhu adventures as Chaosium did back in the day with the original role playing game. This is one game you don’t have to hunt down on or through an Amazon associate. Check the games section at your nearest Barnes and Noble and chances are it’s sitting there.

The last way this is a monster game is that it deals with monsters, the monsters of H.P. Lovecraft. Lovercraft is a very strange phenomena in pop culture. He remains immensely popular and influential in the horror genre itself. His school of cosmic horror is still going strong nearly a century after he started. There are a dozen films based on Lovecraft’s works but only one is really well known, Re-Animator. And that’s not really a Lovercraft story. The closest we’ve come to is In the Mouth of Madness. Lovecraft has yet to really influence movies and TV the way he influences prose. The other area where Lovecraft rules is in role playing and now board games. I loved playing Call of Cthulhu the role playing game and this board game really captures a lot of that flavor only with impressive visuals. There’s a lot of monster combat but you’ll need spells as well. You can not only die in this game but you can go insane.

Here’s a review from the Gamer’s Table.

And another from Starlit Citadel

Coming Next: Denizen!

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Guest Blog on Adriana Kraft's Site!

I meet Adriana Kraft through Twitter and that's led to her hosting me on her blog site! I really encourage everyone to check out Adriana and her work! Here's a excerpt:
I love Twitter – and what’s not to like about someone whose Twitter Handle is GoldenAgeofGeek! So Michael and I have been trading Follow Friday tweets and RTs for longer than I can keep track of, and it seemed like it was finally time to “meet.” I’m so glad we did – and here’s his guest post, celebrating his recent release: From Russia With Blood.

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 6: Buffy!

How do you sum up Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


I caught the series in its first season, to say I was instantly hooked would be an understatement. Consider the ‘90s were a rich time for sci-fi TV. I loved the X-Files but honestly it took a little while to really get going and it ended in a very ragged manner. Deep Space Nine and Babylon Five and Xena, but Buffy blew me utterly away. I can honestly say this series made me a better writer. Joss Whedon set a high bar in character, dialogue, and plotting. When I finally produced a spec that I deemed “Buffy-worthy” it got me to the semi finals of the Austin Teleplay Contest. If you love the horror or paranormal genre you must see this series. If you love good writing you owe it to yourself to check out this series, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse. Angel deserves it’s own entry and it will get one. This one is for the original.

You can get the series streamed to your computer on Amazon Video.

But if you’re like me you crave the tactile feel of your possessions. And so the entire series is readily available.

After the series ended, Whedon has continued the saga in a series of critically acclaimed comic books.

And there are plenty of Buffy inspired toys and games. Ranked #2 on Amazon is the Willow and Tara set. Pretty amazing when you consider Whedon and company have been pushing Willow and Kennedy for the last decade now. Joss is nothing if not stubborn.

Next: Arkham Horror!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 5: Plushy Cthulhu!

And now for something completely cuddly.

Look at this. Isn’t he cute. And some day he’ll grow up to threaten the entire universe.

This plushy Cthulhu plus a few others can be found on ThinkGeek’s Lovecraftian page.

Here’s another stuffed eldritch offering.

These little guys are the perfect gift for the horror fan who loves snark and irony or cuteness and stuffed animals.

Coming next: Buffy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Horror Geek's Gift Guide Part 4: Ghost Stories the Board Game

Moving along my gift guide for those of you who are wondering what to get your favorite horror or paranormal fan this holiday season (you could always get them a copy of My Frankenstein or From Russia with Blood while you’re at it!) we come to another board game, Ghost Stories! Ghost Stories (click here for the White Moon expansion) has as its theme a very different genre of horror, HK Kung Fu Horror! Any fan of Hong Kong cinema is probably very familiar with Chinese Ghost Story, Spooky Encounters, and Bride with the White Hair. If you haven’t seen these movies, check them out. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe them. Imagine high flying martial arts combined with traditional Chinese folklore about ghosts and demons and you get the idea.
Ghost Stories the board game has you take on the role of a martial arts hero in a town that is under siege by legions of demons and the undead. It’s a co-operative game for up to four players. Co-operative games are something fairly recent here in the states. For the vast majority of our gaming history our games have been competitive. Here all four players are working towards the same goal, save the village. And it isn’t easy! Here’s Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel to give an overview. And here’s the Dice Tower review of the White Moon Expansion set for Ghost Stories. This and other popular co-operative games like Pandemic and Defenders of the Realm are sort of like a really good computer game without the computer. The game mechanics are by themselves challenging. I gave this to my sister and her husband last Christmas and they LOVE it. They keep telling me how hard it is but that it’s immensely fun at the same time. Tomorrow: Something Plushy this way Comes!