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Monday, April 25, 2011

Frankenstein Memories: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

The first time I saw the big guy he was chasing Bud and Lou.

That was my first introduction to the legendary story. At the time I didn’t know the tale. I didn’t know that Frankenstein was really the name of the creator and not the creature. I didn’t know that he was stitched together from dead corpses. What I did know was that he was this big, hulking, square headed creature who scared the bejezus out of the heroes.

And it was love at first sight.

It instantly became one of my favorite movies. It’s really a great introduction to the Universal pantheon of horror. Bela Lugosi only donned the Dracula cape twice in his career. The first time was the 1930’s film, this was the second. Lon Chaney Jr. plays the Wolfman as only he can. Glen Strange plays the monster as he did in the other Universal monster mash-ups House of Dracula and House of Frankenstein. Neither of those movies can hold a candle to this one. Universal tried combining its classic monsters in several films but it took the addition of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello to make the formula work.

For one thing Lou Costello does a great scare take. It’s the most iconic scare take next to Stooges Curly and Shemp. Seeing him try to wheeze out his call for help is hilarious.

The other thing that made it work was that the monsters played it straight. There was hardly any winking at the audience on their part. The finale has Dracula and the Wolfman fighting each other while the creature smashes its way through every obstacle as it pursues the two heroes. It’s not just funny but exciting as well. It’s so intense it could be played completely straight.

The monsters were good for Bud and Lou. They later teamed up with the Invisible Man, Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Mummy and were a smash hit every time. The boys needed that extra element of real danger to make their comedy work. The only Abbott and Costello movie that didn’t feature a monster that I remember as vividly is Who Done It? a pretty slick mystery comedy which once again featured real danger.

Bud and Lou were also good for the monsters. With the exception of the Creature of the Black Lagoon, the Universal films were running out of steam by this point. By the mid 50’s they were worn out and the stage was set for Hammer. Abbott and Costello gave them a bit of a jolt towards the end. Just as the danger made the comedy funnier, the laughs made the scares scarier.

So that was my first exposure to Frankenstein. It didn’t teach me a thing about the Shelley original but it didn’t matter. It got me hooked and that’s what counts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interview at I Heart Reading

Again this blog really goes all out. They really tailored their questions to my book. This is first class job all around! Me and my book could not have been profiled better by the NY Times!

Top Notch Review at I Heart Reading

Wow! That's all I can say. The reviewer really went in depth with this review. It feels funny, someone taking apart my story in such a detailed manner. Giving me as much attention as say King or George RR Martin. All I can say is that I'm flattered!

My Frankenstein Book Trailer now on The Story Merchant

Ken Atchity, excellent manager and producer, has posted my book trailer on his Story Merchant blog. Ken is my manager and he's been a great supporter of My Frankenstein going back to when it was a screenplay.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Interview at Jacqueline Page

Very happy to be part of this blog. In this interview I get to talk about the process. I'm fascinated by technique. It seems there's a near infinite number of ways to approach a project.

Illusions of Intimacy Guest Blog

I was a little nervous writing this post. Maybe I tried to be a little too funny. That's the thing with humor, if you try too hard it's not funny. I have this image in my head of the world's greatest comedian. He's sad because in his mind he's always being totally serious but everyone just cracks up whenever he opens his mouth. Still the post is true, 100%. The sex scenes were removed and restored several times and in the final instance gave the novel a real resonance that I hadn't anticipated.

My Favorite Scenes on Fangtastic Books

Fangtastic set up my blog tour so I'm very grateful. This was another fun blog to write. I had to think about the story and the scenes. Truth be told I loved just about every page of the project. This has been a real labor of love and I'm happy to be able to share it with so many people.

Getting Naughty Between the Stacks!

I love this blog. The members are very enthusiastic! Though I wrote with Gaga playing in my head she wouldn't be my first choice for the movie soundtrack.

Bite Club Guest Post

I'm really happy and proud to be posting on Bite Club. They've been one of the earliest and most consistent supporters of My Frankenstein. I also appreciate their interview questions. It really got me nostalgic for those childhood days; making little monsters out of green construction paper, trick or treating in a plastic mask, watching black and white horror movies.

The Hardest Part Of A Novel On Caffeinated Diva

Here's another guest blog. I talk about the toughest part of a novel or story, the beginning. This just scratches the surface of how paranoid I get about openings. The rest of the story I have no problem with. It's those beginnings that I worry about. PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is now over on this site. Congrats to Krysta for winning a copy!

I Give James Pattrerson Props on Unwritten

Another guest blog. This one I talk about the techniques Patterson has used to turn himself into a publishing powerhouse. Will following some of his methods lead to success? Still waiting to find out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Frankenstein Makes the Indie 500

Making the Indy 100? Piece of cake.* Try making the Indie 500!
My Frankenstein did just that.

Author Melissa Romo dedicates every Monday to the best in indie ebooks and I'm honored to have made the list!

*For video game drivers that is. The real race? Yeah that's really hard and expensive. Those guys are good.

TY Michele Hauf of Vamp Chix!

I'm extremely honored that Michele Hauf and Vivi Anna, two excellent published PNR authors have championed My Frankenstein! These ladies are the best!

Here is Michele giving MF another boost on the site Vamp Chix. I especially appreciate it since there are no vamps in My Frankenstein. Maybe in one of the sequels!

4.5 Cups from the Caffeinated Diva!

Love the Diva! Another great review!

Viktor was ever changing in his personality, at times the dashing baron and at others, the dark, almost evil man with a mysterious plot. All of the characters, while vastly different, made for an extremely rich tale. And, while not necessarily integral to the story, the cover art is stunning! I highly recommend picking this novel up and giving it a read!

Another Great Review from Donna's Blog Home!

The reviews keep on coming! Click Here!

I think most people reading this will know the story of Frankenstein. So going in you already have a passing familiarity with the concept. But Michael really goes further. He is not just retelling the story from Eva's point of view. He has really expanded it and brought it into a more steampunk era of progression as well.

The Three Ways of Frankenstein on Donna's Blog Home

This guest blog is all about the the big guy. I get a little bit more into it in a later post. I could have mentioned Frankenstein Jr. while I was at it.

Urban Fantasy Investigations Guest Blog: Screenplay vs. Book

Really like this guest blog I did. UFI is a tremendous site with some great fans.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Frankenstein gets 5 Ratties on My Book Addiction!

Told ya I love this site! Here is the great review by the Book Girl.

This was an amazing book, I’m so glad I read it. As a fan of horror books and a huge fan of classic literature this book was the perfect combination for me.

Interview at My Book Addiction

This is a great little site. I talk about myself and my approach to writing. So for all of you who are wondering how my twisted brain works, here's a peak.

Literal Exposure Guest Post

Here is my guest post on Literal Exposure! This blog tour has been a lot of fun. I'm getting to meet and greet a lot of really cool people!

My Frankenstein now listed on Indie eBooks

Right here. This is a good site for Indie authors. Hopefully there will be more sites dedicated to promoting the indies!

Guest Post at Leilani Loves Books!

I gab about being open to changes. It really helped when I was writing to be flexible. You may think you know how your story is going to turn out but sometimes the story has other ideas!

Great Review by a Great Author at Bite Club

I'm so happy about this review!

Michele Hauf is a great author in her own right. She really sings the praises of MF here.

This story is a page-turner (or clicker; it is electronic only). The chapters are short and intriguing, and the pacing is tight and rushes toward a horrific and compelling finale. The sex scenes are just a few sentences so I would say this could work as a YA read, too. My Frankenstein is a delicious re-imagining of the classic tale. With romance, mystery, terrific horror and a touch of steampunk, Lee has woven a tale that offers something for every reader.
— Michele Hauf for Bite Club

Paranormal Muse Hearts My Frankenstein Cover

Can you tell a book by its cover?

Well maybe not but I'm glad Paranormal Muse decided to check out MF based on the excellent artwork Frauke did!

Excellent Review from My Writers Cramp!

Here is a great review of My Frankenstein by Eric Swett of My Writer's Cramp.

If you love a good story about romance, intrigue and conflict this is a book for you. I would highly recommend giving this a read, probably more than once, and if you love Frankenstein then this is an absolute must for your reading collection.